Estate- and Succession Planning

Estate- and Succession Planning

You might be planning on transferring your wealth in the future to another person or legal entity. With the transfer of wealth, it is of utmost importance to plan ahead and execute this in the right way, in order to avoid unfavorable tax consequences for all the parties involved.

Private wealth succession

Are you planning on transferring your private wealth? This can be achieved in many ways. The most common way of transferring private wealth is by gift or inheritance. If not done properly, these gifts or inheritances will be subject to a progressive estate tax.

The Private Foundation (also known as SPF) and the Trust are ideal entities to help you seclude your wealth for estate planning purposes. By transferring your wealth to these entities it’s sheltered against any potential debtors.

Business wealth succession

If you also drive a business such as a sole proprietorship, partnership or a legal entity, you might be contemplating on passing it onto friends and family. As every situation is different, our team of advisors will help analyze your specific needs and objectives and help you carry out a plan which is best suited for you.